Meet Mike and Rachael Novak
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Meet Mike


Mike grew up in the building and development business and has learned real estate from the ground up with these experiences.  He started his career in development, eventually moving into other business ventures that ultimately brought him back to real estate.

In 2018, The Novak Team helped 214 families make a move, achieving multiple top sales awards, and recognition from throughout the industry for innovation, advanced lead funnels, and leadership principles.  


Mike has moved out of production, is the team leader for The Novak Team, and spends his time mentoring and coaching his team members, while actively contributing to the real estate community as a thought leader.  He consults with many other teams across the nation on matters such as lead generation, lead conversion, team building, and leadership.

He’s an experienced entrepreneur that knows what life is like in the trenches of business.

Listen to him share his journey of losing an 8 figure business that led to him bouncing back bigger and better than ever here, and the lesson of compartmentalization to overcome major obstacles.

Listen to Mike Novak’s keynote presentation on lead conversion here:

Session 2 with Mike Novak

Mike Novak Keynote on Leadership