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(n): means nothing without hard work


“It’s a party; mixed with badass business, mixed with a family feel.”


Are you an experienced single agent or a brand new agent? Or maybe you are an agent on a team struggling to break through to your full potential that you know you are capable of, but don’t know how to achieve?

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We are a battle tested team of operators, relentessy commited to achieving our collaborate mission. We’ve got your back. We have the proven formula to help you break through and to successfully navigate the real estate experience.

Our core values?

  • Extreme ownership.
  • Execution over perfection.
  • Embrace the grind.
  • Relentless commitment to self-mastery
  • Prioritize and protect our Sandbox.


We generate more than 1,500 leads per month

If you have the drive, the passion, the grit and the work ethic to show up everyday, and to give 110% to everything you do, you owe it to yourself to talk to our team!

Have the support systems it takes to help you stay focused and in your lane, the financial resources it takes to thrive, and the coaching all of us need to shatter our glass ceilings and get to the next level.

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Are we for everyone? Hell no. But we might just be for you. Make the first move to stepping outside of your comfort zone...

Grant Cardone

Sharran Srivatsaa

Sharran Srivatsaa

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Jocko Willink

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Craig Ballantyne

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Tim Grover

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(n): stop talking and put in the work


(n): made up of hustle, passion and perseverance

Does the thought of calling people as a sales person scare the hell out of you?

Feeling off when calling people?


Does the thought of calling people let your heart rate spike?