Meet Mike and Rachael Novak
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The Campus



Think collaborative work space that taps into the collective genius of agents throughout our area



A collaborative co-working space dedicated to our eXp family of agents.

Plug into the energy of our team, the habits and routines we execute on daily, and discover your greatest opportunities to become the best version of you.

The Campus was created for agents that are not on our team, but are in our eXp downline. Have a place to call home; a hub for your business operations. Create a feeling of community with one another.

Best of all, you can use The Campus completely free Monday to Friday if you have joined eXp under Rachael or Mike.  

Stop in for a coffee meeting with clients, tap into training that is going on, grab a partner and work on your scripts/role plays, connect to the Wi-Fi to write your next contract, or debrief your week over a craft beer in the lounge area with other agents right here in our market.


Curious to see The Novak Team’s operations, processes, culture, or meet team members?


You’re in luck.

Multiple times per month, we open the Campus and The Novak Team offices to any agent from any brokerage that wants to come connect.


Spots fill up extremely quickly when new dates are released.

Agents come in from as far as Texas to learn together, strategize on best practices, mastermind with Mike and Rachael directly, and walk away with impactful insights they can implement in their business right away.

If you would like to attend one of our events, contact us below!

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