Meet Mike and Rachael Novak
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What is your brokerage doing for you?


The real estate industry is experiencing a major disruption.

  • Think Blockbuster when Netflix entered the market.

  • Think Barnes & Noble when Amazon came to life.

Out with the stuffy brokerages...


In with the collaborative cloud-based brokerages that support you with tech, Systems, and Processes.

Enter eXp

Our team was one of the first to embrace eXp in Snohomish County. We have the resources to support you as a single agent, or you and your team in making a transition to eXp.

Why come over to eXp supported by Mike and Rachael?


You tap into the power of The Novak Team... without having to be on the team.


We have a 1500 square foot collaborative work space you can use if you decide to utilize it - check out what we call “The Campus”


The eXp Business Model Explained


You have direct access to Mike and Rachael to help you get your business optimized and running at the highest possible level.


The energy, the collaboration, and the hustle of the Novak Team is steps away and available for you to tap into.

Schedule a completely confidential call HERE with Mike Novak to discuss your business and how making a move to eXp could help you breakthrough to the next level.

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